FMB210 for filling and capping of micro tubes

  • Less costly overfilling from volumes less than 0.2 ml
  • Reduced production costs
  • Prevent leaking containers
  • More efficient validation processes

Flexicon’s FMB210 is a family of fully automatic filling and capping machines, capable of working with many different liquids, fill volumes and a range of containers.


One version of the FMB210 is ideal for aseptic filling and capping of micro tubes in the biotech and diagnostic industries.


Micro tubes are feed into a filling station from a customised vibrator bowl and a chute.


A peristaltic filler ensures accurate filling, and prevents costly overfills, even on fill volumes less than 0.2ml.


Liquid only contacts a single-use fluid path, so change-over from one liquid to another can be done quickly, without the risk of cross-contamination.


Capping torque is precisely controlled and monitored. This prevents leakages due to fluctuating air pressure in storage or transit and ensures customers benefit from an easy process validation.


Production costs are minimised, with a single operator able to fully manage up to 2200 units per hour.


A production run can be set-up in under 20 minutes, making the achievable total capacity per working day, unique for this size of filling and capping solution.


The FMB210 is perfect for small to medium sized batch runs.


An intuitive HMI ensures easy change-over, without the need for support from outside the clean room.


Calibrating the fill volume is easily done and documented, using a standard balance connected to the control panel.


The filing and capping line is very compact, configured using standard modules and proven technology.


Installation is straightforward, requiring no special access requirements as it can enter a door with a width of just one meter.


Flexicon offers IQ/OQ for the equipment and provides a free validation pack for the fluid path, reducing the time and resources needed at validation.


We promise reliable delivery times and solutions keeping total project costs to a minimum.


Our automatic filling and capping systems have been installed in more than 37 countries, serving the diagnostic, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.


The systems are extremely reliable; deliver improved flexibility, reduced production costs, minimum risk of leaking containers, less costly overfilling and more efficient validation


Micro tubes


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