• Filling volumes up to more than 1 litre
  • For one pneumatic filling nozzle
  • For use together with PD22 or GD30
  • Adjustable speed to follow product surface during liquid filling

When filling foaming products in larger volumes, it is often necessary to move the filling nozzle to the ­bottom of the bottle and raise the nozzle at the same speed as the product level rises in the ­bottle during the fill. This will give less turbulence in the liquid during filling and thus the foaming is reduced significantly.



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  • EBU250 is a bottom–up filling system and is used for such applications.

  • EBU250 is used together with the Watson-Marlow Flexicon fillers PD22I or GD30I and is controlled by a MC12.

  • The filling nozzle is carried by a moving vertical rod, which is driven by a stepper motor.

  • The nozzle will normally be of the pneumatic type with outside valve to prevent dripping during nozzle movement.
    The stroke length of the EBU250 is adjustable and is maximum 250 mm.

  • The bottle is manually placed against the bottle support on the platform at the front of the unit for correct positioning.

  • EBU250 has two speeds:
  • Transport speed before and after filling
    Fill speed during filling

  • On the MC12 both speeds can be adjusted from 1-250 mm per ­second.

  • MC12, PD22, GD30, pneumatic nozzle system and filling nozzles are ordered separately.

  • The EBU250 unit is made of AISI304 stainless steel, polyacetal and anodised aluminium for easy cleaning.