Single-use sterile fluid paths


Flexible liquid filling of screw cap bottles


PD22I and filling stand

Single-use sterile fluid paths – asepticsu
Semi-automatic filling
and capping
Peristaltic fillers


  Filling solutions for isolators or RABS  

FPC50 highly flexible filling, stoppering and capping

Automatic filling, stoppering
and capping
Filling solutions for isolators or RABS
Highly flexible filling,
stoppering and capping

Silicon tubing


OEM solutions



OEM solutions
Capping units



Ultimate flexibility for aseptic filling.

Whats new4

Upgraded FlexFeed20 filling system offers faster set-up and increased flexibility

  • Handles 12mm-78mm diameter bottles/vials
  • Fast set-up without tools or format parts
  • Intuitive, icon-based HMI
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Semi-automatic filling and capping of screw cap bottles with the up-dated FlexFeed30

  • Suitable for intensive use in a GMP environment
  • Very easy to operate
  • Prevents repetitive strain injuries
  • Consistent cap torque
  • Maximum flexibility and a fast change-over
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asepticsu™ - single-use sterile fluid paths. The complete solution from the world leader in peristaltic filling

  • Simplify the validation of a filling process
  • Remove risks of liquid contamination
  • Easy change-over between liquids
  • Exceptional filling accuracy
  • Sterile, pre-assembled and ready to use
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ACCUSIL™ tubing for excellent filling accuracy.

From June 2012 Flexicon will be supplying a new generation of ACCUSIL™, a platinum-cured silicone tubing manufactured at our own production facility in the United Kingdom.

It can be applied for very accurate filling from less than 0.2ml to more than 250ml. We are the only global supplier being in complete control of a solution consisting of both filling equipment and tubing for use within the biopharm and diagnostic industries. This will ensure that our customers can prevent costly overfilling and rely on a unique support as well as a fast delivery even for larger quantities.

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Flexicon equipment provides multiple benefits for Wine Innovations Ltd.

Filling wine goblets with much faster changeover and simpler cleaning procedures was achieved by integrating Flexicon filling technology into a filling line at Wine Innovations Ltd. The risk of cross contamination between products was also eliminated.

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FMB for filling and screw capping -
Very accurate torque

The perfect balance between a 'user-friendly' cap release torque and protection against leaking bottles. See the unique system, which automatically applies a very accurate and consistent torque onto your screw cap bottles

See the video Film.

FF15 - flexible filling system with small foot print for filling under laminar air flow, in a bio-safety or fume cabinet..... read more

Flexicon logo

Flexicon is a unique brand which is highly recognized worldwide. The new logo underlines our core competence:
"Liquid Filling Systems"
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